Tattooed Hunks

Tattooed Hunks is a unique sub-culture on the social landscape of modern America. Many men, but not all, are drawn to the tattoos etched into their skin. While some have been around for centuries, others seem to have just sprung up overnight. This article is about the newest – and most interesting – sub-culture on the net: tattooed guys.

The tattooed guy is attractive and confident. He knows exactly what he wants, and he gets it. Tattooed guys have a much more laid back attitude than tattooing gals, and they rarely get into arguments or fights with their friends over trivial issues. He’s easy going, funny, and very attractive.

So why are so many men interested in getting a tattooed guy’s name inked onto their skin? Well, for starters, every man who gets a tattoo is automatically self-conscious about it. They feel like they’re out of control of their body, and they feel like a walking billboards for the tattooed guys out there. Even if the tattooed guy sounds like he doesn’t really give a flying figment about what his name means on his body, the tattooed guy still feels pretty self-conscious about it.

That’s where the tattooed guys come in. Instead of feeling embarrassed about their names being on display for everyone to see, they go under the knife and have their names tattooed onto their bodies. Some go several layers deep, putting their names and birthdays down as well as their date of birth. Some go so deep that they have their full names tattooed on their arms and legs, or on their chests, while some even have entire poems written about them, sung by a tattoo artist who understands their plight. In short, the tattooed guy sounds like a real ass because nobody else notices in their names.

That’s not the end of it though; like Peaches in” SATC” (Singing For The Cutthroat Chicks), the tattooed guy eventually gets enough guts to stand up for himself and tell the world about his little tuck. He might have to contend with his girlfriend, his family, and most of his friends at first, but he gets through it. He makes it through with an amazing story, a great tattoo, and a new found respect for himself and for all the women he will have the courage to love in the future. After all, it’s not easy growing up, changing your name, and living your life without all the people you used to call home and then completely leaving them behind in life. Still, if you survive, you’ll find that your tattooed guy looks great and has a new lease on life thanks to you.

If you’re a tattooed guy who wants to change for the better, think about starting your own blog. Blogs are a very powerful medium, and you can use them to help spread the word and get the word out about the tattooed guy who saved you from heartache. You could also get involved in some online forums and let others know that you’re not satisfied with the man you once were. Tattoos don’t have to be just for show…there’s something wonderful and freeing about having one!