Hairy Hunks

Take a trip down memory lane to a time when hairy guys were men and everyone had man boobs. There was no shaving fad, no hot pants, no miniskirts, no panty hose, no boobs that were worth shaving or waxing, no flannel shirts and certainly no muffin tops. Men went to the beach and threw their shirts off at the beach like Frisbee. There were no pickup lines, no beer belly and no beer drinking. For the adventurous types, there were still hairy guys on a beach with their shirt off.

Thanks to Blake Shelton Hollywood, there are still hairy guys around. The hairy Hollywood look is still cutting edge, although studios have brought the T-shirts and hats back and the bathing suits are mostly made from nylon or spandex. Thanks to Blake Shelton Hollywood, there are still hairy hunks around.

A quick trip down memory lane will demonstrate that Hollywood has not changed all that much since those long, shaggy days. Men in tuxedos are still on the ramps. The only difference is that they now wear suits and neckties instead of jeans and baseball caps. The same applies to movie stars such as Brad Pitt and Angelina Jolie, who are expecting to be the very definition of female beauty. Their fans go to great lengths to recreate the image that made these two stars roll in dough.

There is one major difference between movies and real life. While movie stars can get away with wearing a super-sized shirt to cover up their cellulite, real people cannot. Cellulite is something that is always present in the body and it is unattractive, especially when one sees it during a movie. It can ruin an actor’s appearance and cause him to be self-conscious about himself. One must simply accept it as a part of life.

However, for hairy Hollywood types, there is little reason to be embarrassed. Even some non-Hollywood actors sport hairy scalps. They are usually covered up with a shirt or sweater and sometimes a hat or scarf. For most of these people, their looks are more important than the physical appearance of their hair.

Real life and movies can be similar because both require a certain amount of self-confidence. While the real life may bring shame to some people, the movie star just shrugs it off and focuses on his acting skills. With his huge physique and the thousands of followers that follow him on Twitter, you can be sure that the hairy Hollywood look will be around for a long time.