Asian Hunks

In his book, The Asian Hunks, author Samurol Beloch describes the Asian male as having characteristics of both a swindler and a liberator. Asian males are portrayed as strong and successful but also as fun-loving, mysterious and intriguing. He goes so far as to say that Asian men are not afraid to experiment with sex, but are not afraid to express their sexuality by flirting with a variety of women. They are portrayed as being strong willed and independent, and are not frightened of trying new things. It is widely believed that Samurol Beloch was inspired to create this concept due to the failures of Asian men in Western societies, and how these men were abandoned by their Asian lovers who could not accept them because of their race.

Samurol believes that the Asian man should not be fearful of experimenting with sexuality and relationships because many Asian men have successfully met and married very beautiful and wealthy women. The book states that the Asian man has an option if he chooses to be with a Western woman. If he chooses a Western woman, he should not be ashamed of being Asian. On the contrary, the Asian man can prove himself to be more attractive and eligible to a more expansive mate. Asian men are taught how to be strong, how to attract women and how to please them.

While I do not necessarily agree with everything that is described in the book, I think that it is a great deal of information to give any man that is interested in exploring a relationship with a woman outside of his own race. The author has done an excellent job of describing some of the finer points that will lead a man down the road to success. If you are a man that is just starting to look at relationships in a new light, you will enjoy this book very much. The author gives a detailed description of what to look for when dating an Asian woman. The illustrations and photos within the book are engaging and humorous, are drawing the reader in and make them want to learn more.

Within the book are descriptions of why Asian men fail and what to do in order to increase your chances of dating Asian women. There is also a short segment that explains some of the customs and beliefs about dating Asian women. Dating Asian ladies can be very interesting, but there are certain issues that you must be aware of, as well as some dos and don’ts when dating Asian females. The author goes into great detail and provides advice that is helpful to any man that is interested in dating an Asian woman.

Most of the material within this book deals with men approaching Asian women, but there are some bonus materials that make this text even more helpful. Women from Japan, Korea and other Asian nations do not have many domestic workers who speak English as their first language, so it is important to make sure that you are able to communicate effectively with them. Some of the tips provided to deal with the fact that many Asian women prefer to date independent men who are not committed to anyone. It is also important to understand the expectations that they have regarding dating and marriage. If you are one of these men that are interested in finding success with Asian women, then this text will prove very helpful to you.

Overall, this text is a fantastic resource for any man that is serious about dating Asian women. It can help you develop some insight into the expectations that these women have and help you know what you need to be doing to score over the competition. For those men who do not live in Asia or have never been interested in Asian women, this book can help you learn how to approach Asian women and what you need to know to become successful at it. As long as you are honest and open-minded, you will find that you will indeed have some fun while dating Asian ladies.